Auto Affinity Luxury Car Shampoo: Reviewed


As winter almost comes to a close I can safely say it hasn’t been a terrible one in the slightest. March is when things start warming up for good and its also the time of year you don’t have to worry about the gritter slurry repainting the front of your car. Theres been plenty of it strewn all over the roads and in all fairness, a fair amount of snow too. I suppose the amount of salt spread meets the weathers demands. But I haven’t once felt that I was going to be crushed flat by an avalanche of snow falling off the roof of my local Tesco’s or end up skidding off the road crashing into the main reception of the near by doctors surgery. With all this, I’ve managed to get some car product reviews done. Consider this one as a product I’ve wanted to test for quite some time. Since it is local produce and its a Shampoo! Wax.. Well that stuff can wait till it gets a bit warmer as it is very difficult to do anything with when the surfaces of cars are cold. For now, lets stick to less viscous, more useful stuff. So, as the show season starts and the cherished classics are brought out of the darkness of the units. Revealing the dust and bird poop from the nest of now dead pigeons that you were sure you got rid of before you locked the car away for the winter. Here is a shampoo worth considering. Auto Affinity’s Luxury Car Shampoo.

What is it?

Auto Affinity Luxury Car Shampoo is pretty self explanatory. So we will dig a little more into what makes this shampoo; in my honest opinion, a very well priced product. Its all made by hand with high tolerances so each individual drop being as consistent as possible across bottles. Starting at £9.99 for a bottle size of 500ml. If you are already thinking that this sounds pretty reasonable. This product is very highly concentrated it can be watered down to make even bigger batches. This shampoo contains some secret ingredients which will not strip off (but in-fact preserve) any waxes that are already on your paint. We wish we could tell you more about the ingredients. As with Auto Affinity’s Gen Five Wax. The ingredients are being kept close to their chest, and quite right too! The bottle is made from recycled materials and is 100% percent recyclable. Something thats still  surprisingly un common with a lot of car cleaning product packaging. The only downside, and this will be a huge blow is this is not a shampoo that will be first in choice for those that like foam lance’s. It seems to be a bit of a new trend in the car cleaning world. And personally I think its a fad that came about due to the satisfaction of watching foam hit your car and soak in. It does have its merits. Theres zero chance of it damaging your paint. But ask any professional detailer and they will most likely go over the car with a wash mitt to get the car absolutely spotless. The good news is Auto Affinity told us that they are working on a Shampoo that is Foam Lance Specific. So we will have to arm ourselves with the equipment.

Whats it up against? 

A huge raft of shampoo’s to be fair. But it has the hand made status up its sleeve with a very competitive price tag compared to Autoglym’s albeit superb Ultra HD Shampoo and Meguiars Gold Class, being my personal favourite. Value is definitely where this shampoo comes into its own. Since I have used Gold Class for a number of years now its a shampoo I know well and it will be the benchmark for reviews of the future. So without calling out Meguiars products too much. Im just going to talk mostly about this shampoo. And Its an all-round brilliant package unlike some other shampoo’s I used. Wether they just didn’t so what they said they would do, Smelt bad. Were way overpriced for the size of the bottle, whatever. This shampoo seems to nail everything so it doesn’t have much to worry about.

Cleaning Power 

As this is the first Shampoo we have reviewed for Crank Chamber. We try as much as possible to keep the same format for doing these tests just so all products are equal, without sounding too Soviet Russia. For this test (and for those in the future for shampoo related goodies) We used the 2 bucket method using 2 Meguiars buckets with the grit guard system in both. Used with a lambswool wash mitt which has been very well looked after by me personally for the last year I’ve owned it. And thats pretty much it! As we said we will try and keep this roughly the same for most of the shampoo’s we do. The only thing that will change is the test subject. This time round being a Fiat 500 Abarth in Campovolo grey. We will no doubt get some trouble for calling it a Fiat. Sadly though. We cannot test the wax protection capabilities due to the fact this Abarth didn’t have a coat of wax on it what so ever  Upon getting the water in the bucket we unscrewed the cap and the instant smell of Cherry fumed out of the top of the bottle. Its a pleasingly pungent smell of cherry and it makes you want to drink this stuff, we recommend you don’t thought! Using the cap, we filled it up four times and tossed the shampoo into the bucket along with the running water. This was certainly enough to give you a very nice tub of suds. With the smell of cherry still oozing up out nostrils. We could instantly tell with having a feel of the water in the bucket that this is a high quality shampoo without a doubt.





We then took the buckets outside and using the hose, rinsed the loose dirt off the Abarth. It was pretty obvious that this thing was in desperate need of a wash. According to the owner, It hadn’t been washed for a good month. With grit, salty crud, petrol stains and mud. This Abarth was definitely needing some TLC. We then dunked the wash mitt into the soapy bucket and gave it a good soak. Once we had done that we then worked from the roof downwards. The first thing we noticed was just how nice this shampoo is to use. It greased up the mitt very well and glided it over the Abarth’s panels with ease. It was a joy to use and required hardly any elbow grease. You also didn’t need to apply much pressure to get stubborn tree sap marks off either. Another great thing about this shampoo is because it is so concentrated, You don’t have to return to the bucket regularly for another top up of suds. It seem to generate itself when you get a tiny bit of the shampoo on the wash mitt. But for the sake of the test and to minimise any damage to the paint. We rinsed the mitt in the second bucket after each panel.

reminds me of scrubbing plates with Fairy Liquid. Smooth and bubbly with superb cleaning power. With a faint smell of cherry hovering around your nostrils throughout the cleaning process. And before I continue telling you about this Shampoo. DO NOT use Fairy Liquid on your car, rant over. So what was it like once we had done the whole car? Consistent to say the least. In fact this Abarth now shone like it had been waxed. All the grimy horrible stains were now a nothingness and the trees started reflecting off the paintwork. This Shampoo also hugely impressed us with the way it turned the glass and windscreen almost transparent. Ive not used many shampoos but for some reason this stuff just made windows disappear! It also did a very decent job the wheels too. But to get them perfect. A steam pressure wash was a necessity.



What do I think of this shampoo? It scores so highly in every department I would start using it as my go to Shampoo. In-fact I wish Auto Affinity would make and hair shampoo variant. It smells so brilliant and cleans so perfectly that its a huge contender amongst the market leaders offerings. The way this greases the car up and removes any dirt, salt and grit away from the paint is superb. I think it may be better in that respect than Meg’s Gold Class. And defiantly on par with Autoglym’s Ultra HD Shampoo. And then you factor in cost and the fact that you can indeed dilute this stuff and it then becomes the winner out of the 3!


By Clarke Mackinnon

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