All Covered: Here is the new Toyota Supra, Kind of



We were yet to go. But for us, its hard to ignore any sort of coverage from The Goodwood Festival of Speed. But we already have a winner for best gag, thanks to numerous amounts of people making a joke about this too. And it does indeed go to Toyota. Who, for a few years now have been teasing us with this new Supra. Rumours of it being at Geneva were strong. When we got there, we were left cold as it wasn’t proudly being displayed. They had the mental looking Le Mans version but they didn’t have the car we had all been waiting for. This time though, Toyota announced the official ‘debut’ of the new Supra at Goodwood, a few days before the show was about to begin. And finally, we had something to rejoice. In fact. We were very excited cause we knew this was the moment that we had all been waiting for. And for that length of time it really was news that we needed from Toyota. Considering they don’t have a sports car to compete with the likes of Porsche or Mercedes or any of the Germans.

But. They have only shown us it under Toyota’s “unique camouflage wrap.”If you want to see what they have shown us. Google it, for we probably wont even bother getting photos of it when we do see it. It’s a bit pathetic in all honesty! People are already complaining it isn’t like the last Supra that has a huge following. We do know that this new Supra is going after a different audience to the last. But even for new buyers, not showing us the new car is going to make people keep that perception of the last one in their heads! People who wanted Toyota to fill in its older siblings shoes. Showing us the car now before it goes on sale will keep the disappointment low for Supra lovers by the time it does go on sale. We spoke to a Toyota rep about this. Who did indeed apologies for the wrap. He said, “good work takes time. And more will be revealed when the car goes on sale in early 2019.”

All we do know. Is it comes in a nice camouflage paint job. It has 335 BHP from a BMW sourced straight six (most likely BMW’s 3.0 twin scroll turbo straight six) and weighs 1496kg. Its rear wheel drive and they will not be doing a manual version of this car. Its also been rumoured that a couple 4 pots will come along in its life time as cheaper alternatives.

So cheers Toyota, No doubt we will see it today as we are off to Goodwood. As for now we have a camouflage Supra that blends in, Funny that!


By Clarke Mackinnon

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