For Trucks Sake: Ford Dealer tells owner his new F-250 is not designed to go over 65 MPH.

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In the UK, pick up trucks are not that popular. And if you do see one it will most likely be Japanese. The most popular being the Toyota Hilux or the Mitsubishi L200. In America this is a different story, the pick up is the be all and end all for a lot of Americans. And it has to be American! Built in America made my Americans, yeah ‘muuurica.’ The most popular being Ford’s F-series line of trucks. We put ‘most popular’ lightly there. Wtih 6,500 a sold a day, and thats no typo, working out at one sold every 30 seconds, 24/7. Crazy numbers! The ford F-series has been in production since 1942. Making it the benchmark for large pick up trucks in America.

There is of course (like with any huge distributor of anything) a huge rivalry between Chevrolet and Ford pick up truck owners. Some of the comments they throw at each other are hilarious. But today I’m going to feed the Chevrolet camp with some ammunition. A Youtube video that has recently surfaced shows an owner having a little difficulty with his brand new F-250 truck. The steering wheel is wobbling uncontrollably as he drives down the freeway. Which would lead you to believe the tyres haven’t been balanced, there’s worn out suspension bushings or a catastrophic failure to the major suspension components.

Dubbed over the top of the video is a recorded phone call between the owner and a rather balls’y salesman, most likely from his local dealer, telling the owner, and I quote. “We made some adjustments, I’m going to be completely blunt with you, this truck is not designed to go over 65 without some weigh on it.” He then goes on to say. “We have done everything that we can up to this point to resolve the issue as best we can for you ok, within that. But the bottom line is, that truck is not specced… designed to go over 65. Its just not. Those trucks are not designed to be race cars. They are designed to haul and to be stable and to be able to take a lot of weight up a hill.” There was then talk about the owners truck having been in for a further wheel alignment. I cant imagine to think of the frustration the owner of this truck is going through right now. Having spent a good amount of his hard earned cash on a new pick up. You would expect nothing but the upmost respect and best customer service possible. Instead, it sounds like he’s being lied out the back teeth too.

Sadly, we cannot find a follow up to this story as it only happened at the start of the year. But we do hope the man at Ford had his collar felt for this one.


Here is a link to the video so you can watch it for yourself and experience the gringe.

By Clarke Mackinnon

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