Infotainment Adverts: The Future of in-car Connected Services


Infotainment systems. The hub of most cars nowadays. Appearing in the mid to late 90’s on high end cars such as the Range Rover Vogue and BMW 7 series. And over time, making their way into entry level city cars. From fuel consumption to sunroof operation, you can do everything on them. And in the case of Tesla, its the only way to operate most of the interior functions. But what If they suddenly got flooded with adverts like you get when you want to watch some JDM magic on Youtube? Well, it seems that this is going to be the case in the near future. Thanks to a company called Telenav, who have Ford, GM, Lexus and Toyota all under their wing already. Telenav have announced they will be offering an in-car advertising platform. They promise to display adverts on your cars infotainment screen when stationary.

Connected car services are a very upcoming thing in the automotive world. With most car companies offering their own system. Telenav are planning to offer their services to all car manufacturers (if they haven’t already signed them all up.) But with all huge takeovers, there will be a trade off somewhere.

The company plans to charge people more for using connected services to keep the financial side of the advertisers happy. So it seems if Telenav are making money and the advertisers are making money, the customer is the one who has to pay the price. And with the price of cars these days, and to pay a yearly fee to use online services in cars, it seem hugely unfair.



We do think that there are potential positives whoever. If Telenav get companies that are essential for car ownership or companies that offer a service which make owning and running a car easier, Paying more could be beneficial. For example, Your stuck in traffic and low on fuel. An advert pops up with local filling stations, showing you the closest and which ones are offering the cheaper fuel rates. Or its late at night and your car knows you have been driving for a while. It will display the closest place that is offering the cheapest cup of coffee. The list goes on! Telenav’s CEO has made a statement on the plans, going on to say “This is an exciting new opportunity to monetise connectivity to cover service costs and even drive healthy profits while enriching the consumer experience with safely-delivered, engaging and relevant offers.”

As adverts do seem daunting, and even in the world of Youtube, are still in their infancy. There could be some useful placement for adverts in cars. Or, its been conceived as an open door opportunity to make profits at the higher expense to motorists. Only time will tell! But for the time being, we like the idea, but only if it does carry out a seamless, and relevant benefit.

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