We are off: 10 Cars we are looking forward to at the Paris Motor Show.



Our second visit to a motor show this year. This time it’s in Paris, and once again we are excited to go. What, you might be wondering, will be new at this motor show that Geneva didn’t have. We have that covered. So here is a list of new cars that we are excited to see at the Paris motor show. And, some stuff that we probably don’t even want to mention.


The 10 cars we want to see.

1. Audi A1.



The Audi A1 has dragged it’s feet for a long time! With not much new and not even a facelift. It’s time that a new model came. Since it’s concept was unveiled ten years ago at Paris and the official car being shown at the 2010 Geneva motor show. The A1 squeezed Audi into the premium hatchback sector. And many people have loved them. But this year, The new model is coming. So what do we know about it?

Audi have been teasing the A1 on it’s social media pages for a while now. Releasing sections of the car and getting the hype up. A leak that happened a couple months ago let the cat out the bag. Showing us images of the car and also announcing it’s unveil at Paris. We don’t have any specs just now. But as it stands, we probably wont get a diesel one. But, a raft of turbo petrols and a couple electric hybrid models too, this could be a bit of a theme with the article so keep this mention of the lack of diesels in mind.

2. BMW 3 Series.



Another car thats been a long time coming. And this one we don’t have much on because BMW have kept a tight lip on this car for a long time. Mercedes have given BMW a right kicking when the latest model of the C class was announced 3 years ago. And since then BMW have struggled with the 3 series sales wise. That could all change, as Europe’s best selling executive car is about to get a complete reboot. We don’t know much at all, but this market sector has been chewed up by SUV’s and Crossovers.

3. BMW Z4.



Whilst were on the subject of BMW. The long awaited Z4 is on it’s way. And as most people know now, BMW and Toyota have teamed up to develop the Z4/Supra. We have made our disappointment with Toyota clear. But it looks like BMW will be unveiling their end of the collaboration before Toyota do. BMW promise they have focused on dynamic ability and have given the car a complete redesign. BMW hope they can steal some Porsche Boxster customers with this car. We are sure it will be good. And from what we have heard, gives the Boxster a good drubbing.

4. Suzuki Jimny.


Huge news! Were getting a new Suzuki Jimny. Ever since the 70’s Suzuki have been making the dinky off-roader. Although it was shown at the Indonesia International Auto Show. This is Europe’s first preview. And with the third generation which we have had for a whopping 20 years gone out of production, we have high hopes for the 4th generation. We should imagine prices are staying relatively the same but will be up to date with modern technology and comfort requirements. It has always been a niche car. But the new one looks superb in our opinion. It will go on sale next year with an entry level offering a 660cc three cylinder turbocharged petrol which will meet Kei car regulations. The top end will come with a newly developed naturally aspirated 1.5 four cylinder pushing 100 BHP. Not much, but it’s enough for this car.

5. Mercedes A35 AMG/A50 AMG



A35 and A50 AMG will be the new nomenclature for Mercedes super hot hatchbacks. But we are giving the A35 the spotlight because it’s a more interesting concept. We will have 2 new hot A classes this year. An A50 with a crazy 400bhp out of the box and a slightly less hot 300bhp model called the A35. We know which one is going to be the best seller. But we like the idea of a slightly less powerful A50 being offered. If you want performance but not crazy this would be perfect. But in the new world of finance deals the A45 will still be the mainstay. This will be a monster! With the news that BMW will be making the next hot 1 series 4 wheel drive only, this will be a serious rivalry.

6. Mercedes A Class Saloon.


Audi have done it with the A3, BMW are expected to do it with the 2 series, but it’s the turn of Mercedes to offer a mini saloon. We really like this small saloon car idea. It’s a 2 fingers up to the crossover market and it’s a brave move from major manufacturers to offer a car of this kind. Expect this to be the same with pricing and engine choices. No word from Mercedes when it will be available yet.

7. Skoda Karoq Sportline.



The Karoq slipped under our radar and we didn’t know that it was a thing until recently. It’s Skoda’s answer to the crossover market and the little sibling of the Kodiak. This Karoq will be getting a 2.0 TSI with 187 BHP. A nice little number there!

8. Skoda Kodiak vRS.



This is an odd one. It’s Skoda’s first hot SUV since the Fabia vRS. It’s already got the record for the fastest 7 seater around the Nürburgring. And we think it looks good! Sales will start at the end of the year.

9. DS3 Crossback.


DS are pushing SUV’s/Crossovers like crazy. So incomes the DS3 Crossback. A rival to the Jaguar E-Pace and the BMW X1. This car will ultimately replace the 3 hatchback. Sadly, it’s under a cover and we can’t get a good look at it.

10. Kia Proceed shooting brake.


Interesting for a carmaker to do something like this. With the Stinger struggling to sell. It seems Kia have no sense for customer trends with this, a shooting brake estate car. With this kind of car failing to sell even before the crossover trend. Its brave for Kia to make such. The car will replace the poorly received 3 door hatch and the apostrophe from Cee’d has now gone just to keep it cleaner. Why it was there in the first place we will never know.

11. Renault’s surprise

Renault apparently have a surprise in store for us at the show. This could be anything (even a new crossover.) Were hoping we may have some crazy lightweight version of the Megan RS Trophy. We shall just have to wait and see.



The stuff we aren’t looking forward to seeing

There isn’t much we aren’t looking forward to seeing. But we have managed to find a couple

Lexus LC Special edition.

Sales have been rather poor for the LC in Europe. In America, Lexus predicted that they would sell 400 LC’s a month. They are 10% short of that. But with a total 599 sales in Europe alone. Its no wonder they are wanting to create a limited run of these cars. We believe the market for 2 door Coupe’s has died a death amongst customers. With cars like the Porsche Panamera offering the comfort and sporting credential that could only be offered by a coupe 15 years ago. For this reason, it makes more sense to buy the car with more doors. Lexus promise that only 10 of these limited edition cars will come to the UK. 5 being the V8 and the other five being the hybrid model. Lexus are offering exclusive paint finishes and interior designs to keep it in line with its name. We don’t think it’s going to work.

Audi A4 facelift.


When we saw the new A4 in 2016 we had to take a double take. IT was such a lazy redesign that we thought they only offered a facelift. But for 2018, Audi are already facelifting the A4 to trying and keep potential buyers interested. Sadly, we think its too late for this to come to fruition. Most people will be wanting a 3 Series or a C Class instead. And with the new 3 Series being shown at the motor show. Audi are going to struggle with this one.


By Clarke Mackinnon

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